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Idologic Case Study

In today's society a consumer will conduct research on a company, restaurant, or product before purchasing. These consumers will turn to the internet. This is especially common for those looking for a special or expensive item or service. It is absolutely imperative for a business to have a website as this is the very first place a shopper will look.

Idologic Network is a web-hosting company that houses, serves, and maintains files for websites. This allows companies to make their website accessible through the World Wide Web. Idologic specializes in providing high quality reseller and dedicated web hosting to a wide range of customers located all over the world.

Not Just an Answering Service

Idologic needed a service to not only answer their calls and transfer them, but they also needed a service to help boost their company image. With the crème de la crème of answering services, Abby Connect delivers phone answering through reliable and dependable receptionists who represent Idologic. When clients call asking for company information the receptionists are able to explain what it is that Idologic does. They are also able to direct callers to the website as well as give them instructions on the quickest way to receive support.

Improving Company Image

The deluxe Abby Connect team enhances Idologic's company image by being the front line representatives when customers call in for support. When transferring to the technical support department, the receptionists quickly informs the tech on which business is calling and what type of technical issue they are having. This gives Idologic both the information and professionalism needed before patching the call through to their client. Abby Connect gives Idologic a step up in both customer support and image giving them a higher stature in the web hosting industry.