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Massage Williamsburg: Massage Therapist Live Answering Case Study

Sore muscles, backaches, stress, a stiff neck? Suffering from any of these ailments? Massage therapy can alleviate pain and stress and it improves the condition of the body's largest organ - the skin. Pregnancy discomforts in women can be eased by massage as well as assist with shorter, easier labor. There's no hiding in the fact that massage therapy is excellent for your well-being.

Massage Williamsburg is committed to understanding the nature of holistic medicine and holds the firm belief that a better feeling body produces a better feeling mind.

Virtual Receptionist vs. Full-time Receptionist and Call Centers

When Massage Williamsburg sought out the help of Abby Connect, it was clear they had a need for an answering service to take on their calls. However, a call center filled with impersonal operators was not in their business plan, nor was hiring on a full time receptionist to sit at the front desk of their studio. This is why Abby Connect was the answer to their problem. Abby Connect provided Massage Williamsburg a first-class staff of 5 personal executive level virtual receptionists to answer calls from an offsite location. This business plan suited them perfectly as Abby Connect is completely customizable , is a fraction of the cost of hiring on a full time employee, and each of the virtual receptionists are both personable and intensively trained on how to answer questions from clients.

Booking Clients

As Massage Williamsburg's business model required an upscale answering service, it is also imperative that clients are also booked for appointments to see the therapists. Without the help of Abby Connect, the constant flow of clients coming in would have come to a stand-still as the services are provided by appointment only. After the virtual receptionists from Abby Connect are trained on how to both access and utilize Massage Williamsburg's online appointment scheduling software, clients can continually be booked for both same day and future appointments ensuring the vitality of the studio.

Abby Connect phone answering service appears to be working in the front office to all incoming callers and not only answers frequently asked questions but also handles appointment calendars to support ongoing business.