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Upland Dental: Dentist Office Live Answering Case Study

While the importance of healthy teeth is vital to your wellbeing, to others appearance is just as important. Upland Dental Aesthetics and Orthodontics offers cosmetic, restorative and preventative dental care and provides state of the art cosmetic services including Invisalign clear teeth alignment, Zoom teeth whiting, lumineer veneers, and orthodontic and dental implants.

Services are offered in a pampered, relaxing, and therapeutic upscale atmosphere while using up to date technological advances for paperless charting and digital x-ray images.

Upland Dental Aesthetics and Orthodontics understands that a smile is the ultimate accessory and assists their clients in "creating exquisite smiles".

Providing Better Customer Service

Before contacting Abby Connect Upland Dental did not utilize an answering service. With the amount of calls coming into their office they were not able to give satisfactory customer service to patients that were both physically in the office or over the phone. They struggled to handle both simultaneously. Upland Dental needed a professional and dedicated answering service to take on the influx of calls and provide their customers with great quality service while they can give the same attention to those patients physically in their office.

Scheduling New Patients

One of the major aspects that Upland Dental needed help on was scheduling new patients. With the help of Abby Connect, potential patient's questions are answered and their appointments are scheduled. Without the assistance of the five-star staff at Abby Connect these callers would likely have called a competitor down the street and went with them. It's important to have a knowledgeable person representing you on the front lines to answer any questions from potential clients and to put their minds at ease when making appointments. Abby Connect is highly educated and trained on their clients' accounts and 5 top-level receptionists, lead by a team leader, are assigned to each account allowing them to not only be familiar with the client's business but be an extended staff member of their company.