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Attorney Answering Service Clients

"Abby Connect is an excellent service for my law firm. The professionalism of the receptionists in astounding. As a Abby Connect client I have the ability to conduct business anywhere and I can trust that all of my calls are answered in a timely, proficient manner. No call goes unanswered and the receptionist is always pleasant when they connect a call through to me no matter where I am. I have the opportunity to let the receptionist know to either screen the caller, take a message, or patch the call straight through.

The support I receive from my Abby Connect service is vital to my business as I am not always available to speak with my clients. Having a live person taking care of my clients for me until I am prepared to speak with them helps put the caller at ease and helps me get better organized to aid them with their needs. Abby Connect is my very own personal receptionist and executive assistant and I highly recommended their services to other distinguished law firms. "

Al Lasso, Esq., Law Offices of Al Lasso

"The Abby Connect staff is 5 stars in terms of friendliness. The receptionists at Abby Connect are always helpful."

Thomas J. Tanksley, Ltd.

"I have been a client for the past three years and I have found Abby Connect, their staff and management team to be nothing short of professional, effective and courteous. "

Carlos Blumberg, Esq.

"I use Abby Connect's services for my law firm, and have found them to be ideal for my business. They are extremely professional and courteous to my clients, screen out undesired callers, and are immensely competent in taking appointments and ensuring I never miss a message. With the added benefit of the savings over a hired receptionist, it's a business decision I've never questioned."

Robert Kern, Esq., Kern Law

"As a client of Abby Connect, we now have a full time receptionist who answers our calls all day without interruptions for lunch, sick days, vacations, etc. This is very important to us, because our firm is a start up company. They handle our clients just like what you would expect out of a secretary in your office. In fact, the added convenience of being able to take calls on our cell phones adds more value."

Carey Reno, Evolve Litigation Services, Inc.

"A lawyer's reputation is built on client satisfaction. My clients appreciate Abby Connect's leading edge technology, which keeps me in touch with my practice wherever I am. Abby Connect's receptionists are professional. Abby Connect's telephone wizardry is seamless and reliable. Abby Connect e-mails my incoming faxes in a format that can be saved to my hard drive."

Steven B Glade, Steven B. Glade Attorney