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Your Professional Team

Abby Connect is used all over the nation by all types of businesses. One of the biggest assets we have is our experience. We have worked with virtually every phone carrier and every phone system out there.

Our business service department will work as a team with you, your phone carrier and your phone vendor to integrate the Abby Connect into any company. Whether you are large or small, we can help. We will work with you in order to find the solution.

In this case you have a few options. 1. You can port your phone number to us and get a new phone number on your cell phone. or 2. You can forward your cell phone line to us and get a second phone on a family share plan. or 3. We can establish a new phone number in any area code for you. Please call for other options.

My business line is in my home.

In this case you can variable call forward all of your calls to your own telephone line at Abby Connect. We may connect calls back to your cell phone or even you second home telephone number. If you have a fax line, this can be used as well.

My business telephone number is in my office and I am moving.

One convenience of using Abby Connect is that you can port your number to our phone carrier and completely eliminate that bill. The phone bill is included in your monthly costs at Abby Connect. I currently have a small office with one or two lines.

In this case you can port your main number to us. Or, you can forward the main line and we can transfer your calls back to your second line or even your cell phone. If you have a fax line in the office this may also be used. I currently have a medium to large office.

In this case there is a lot of flexibility and we can tailor the best option to integrate into your office. You may set DID's that go to each person's office, or you may have a back number that we call to reach your auto attendant and then dial your extension.

We are a small, medium, or large company with staff that work remotely.

One of the major benefits of using Abby Connect is that we will centralize and stream line your communications. Our team of professional receptionists consistently route your calls properly and act as the central nerve system for your communications.