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Why you need Abby Connect

Your image is important. Let's face it. Today, image counts for a lot. Which means you need the best representation possible on the front line of your business. When somebody calls, you'll be glad that Abby Connect is on the job, making you look terrific!

Convenience. Forget about interviewing, hiring, and training a receptionist, secretary, or personal assistant. Use one of our Abby Connects instead. You get the benefits of a remote receptionist and a virtual secretary - and you'll know she's got your back and will always make you proud. What makes more sense? Spending your time answering the phone and handling the small details or using your time and energy to grow your business? With Abby Connect, you are free to make better use of your time and accomplish a lot more!

You'll save money. Lots of money. The average cost of a receptionist is $44,000 (when you take wages, benefits, etc. into account). Compare that to our average client cost of $3,468 for using Abby Connect. Our modest fee is 92% less than the cost of having a receptionist on your staff!

You'll get an outstanding return on the money you spend. If Abby Connect saves you from missing just one or two opportunities, we've period our ourselves to an exclamation point.

We offer a guarantee of satisfaction. We guarantee that with a Abby Connect virtual receptionist, you'll never have to worry about a receptionist calling in sick, showing up late, going on vacation or taking a lunch break when you need her most. We guarantee you'll get continual, uninterrupted coverage every day of the year.