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Animal Foundation Case Study

Have you ever thought about adopting a pet? Maybe you already have a pet that you need to give up for adoption? An animal shelter is your go to place then!

The Animal Foundation is an animal shelter that operates on an 8-acre campus. They provide many different services such as adoptions, lost and found, low cost vaccination clinic, and many other animal related departments. The Animal Foundations goal is to eliminate the tragedy of overpopulation by educating and inspiring the community to help fight against the overpopulation.

Capturing All the Calls
With hundreds of calls a day, making sure that no calls were missed while also handling every aspect of their building was not feasible. The Animal Foundation came to Abby Connect to help with their answering service needs by taking the overflow calls that they miss and ensure a live person will answer every call. Before Abby Connect, they had many complaints of upset callers who were agitated that they were not able to talk to a live person, especially when their call was urgent. Also, callers had difficulty using the automated system because it was not fast enough nor was it sophisticated enough to provide the service that Abby Connect was able to provide. When the callers ring in to inquire about a specific department, Abby Connect is able to locate that department and appropriately transfer the call to the correct personnel quickly and easily.

Saving Lives
Since using the Abby Connect service, which ensures that all calls are answered by a live receptionist and transferred to the correct department, the customer service satisfaction has increased tremendously. Not only that, but the number of adoptions has risen, saving the lives of animals that are in need and fighting the fight of overpopulation in the shelter, one call at a time.