Ruby Receptionists Vs Abby Connect: Pricing, Fees, Hours & Accuracy

Last updated: August 7, 2020

Whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, or small business owner looking for a virtual receptionist service, doing research is always the first step. While Abby Connect is #1 in answering services AND virtual receptionist services according to’s B2B research firm, we encourage all of our potential clients to explore their options and find the best match before choosing a service.

Call Ruby Receptionists is a virtual receptionist firm which provides services to small companies throughout North America. While they offer many similar services to the ones Abby Connect offers to customers (Guaranteed Live Answering, Bilingual Virtual Receptionists, etc.), there are some major differences between the two companies. 


Like Abby Connect, Ruby offers a 100, 200, and 500-minute plans to their customers. Currently, the prices vary as follows:

   Ruby’s Price  Ruby’s Cost Per Minute  Abby’s Price  Abby’s Cost Per Minute
 100 minute plan  $309  $3.09/minute  $279  $2.79/minute
 200 minute plan  $589  $2.94/minute  $499  $2.49/minute
 500 minute plan  $1,369  $2.74/minute  $1,089  $2.18/minute

As displayed in the chart, Abby Connect’s prices are lower for each plan compared to Ruby’s, however, customers should still be aware of overage fees (pro-rated at the Cost Per Minute) and payment late fees. According to Ruby’s terms, “Overage Charges for exceeding plan minutes and Late Fees (“Variable Charges”) may be assessed pursuant to the Service Agreement.”

You also may want to note that while pricing changes may occur in any business service as wages and costs increase, Ruby is known for having significant annual price increases. A number of online reviews have cited this as an area of disappointment.

Live Answering Hours

Ruby offers 16 hours daily receptionist coverage from 5 AM to 9 PM Pacific Time or 8 AM to 12 AM Eastern Standard Time. They also offer 12 hours of coverage on Saturday and Sunday. Abby Connect offers three different time solutions to best suit your needs without unnecessarily charging you. You can have Standard Answering (8:30 am-5 pm PST Monday-Friday), Extended Hours (5 am-9 pm PST Monday-Friday, and 6 am – 6 pm Saturday and Sunday), or 24/7 answering to better serve clients at any time of the day.

Customer Details

In the virtual receptionist business, the caller’s contact information and message details are crucial to your client. Listening closely also helps to establish a relationship and create a positive, memorable experience for callers. When details are overlooked or forgotten, it creates distrust and unhappiness for the customer. Ruby Virtual Receptionists have received negative reviews for overlooking client details. On TrustPilot, John stated, “The names of my clients are never spelled right, never, so I often call them back blind when I should know who I’m calling. It is a major issue and I’m not happy about it.”

Another TrustPilot user, James, said, “I only handle family law cases and no matter how many times I tell the staff this, they try to connect potential criminal clients to my line and charge me for it. Additionally, a proper job isn’t being done to screen the calls. There are times where they haven’t asked for a last name of an individual or didn’t get a phone number, instead saying the person said I would have it. A phone service should insist on a return telephone number.”

Behind the Scenes

This is an exciting time in the customer service industry and many businesses have seen tremendous growth, including Ruby Receptionists. But sometimes growth that is too fast causes operational difficulties which hurt employee happiness and diminish product quality. According to Ruby Receptionist Reviews on Glassdoor, employees at Ruby report being disgruntled with their work environment blaming the constantly changing expectations and lack of attention to the well-being of employees. Some employees said Ruby is becoming more of a “glorified call center.”

A former Ruby employee on Glassdoor said, “Very high-turnover rate where I was able to see literally dozens of people go through their revolving door culture.” They continued, “I saw many things that deemed this a thoroughly unprofessional atmosphere, coupled with a very palpable, unhealthy echo-chamber of faux-positivity and “happiness,” which is, at best, a facade.”

Another former employee on Glassdoor stated, “I was at Ruby when it began to experience a lot of growth, and at the end of my time there, it really was a shell of its former self. When I began, I was excited for the job, and I found management to be supportive, but when they began to make goals into requirements and when expectations became nearly impossible, it became exhausting and no longer fun. It truly felt like you could be let go any moment.”

At Abby Connect, they believe happy employees create better experiences and services for clients. Abby Connect Receptionists spend their off-phone time training on their clients accounts and industries, working on personal development skills and supporting their team members, On their online employee reviews, Abby employees showcase how much they love their company and their clients.  


Although you could try either service, choosing Abby Connect as your virtual receptionist service will provide your business with a highly skilled team that pays close attention to your account details and always keeps our customers in mind when making decisions that affect them (i.e. app, Portal, hours, pricing and thorough training). As a company that provides #1 answering and virtual receptionist services, we hope to assist you through this process as much as possible. Contact us with your questions and business inquiries.

*all information is accurate and cited as of 10/2019

Melissa Monterrosa

Melissa Monterrosa

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