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Find-Me Follow-Me

You're in the driver's seat when it comes to keeping in touch and being "in the office" as much or as little as you want throughout the day. With our Find-Me Follow-Me technology you receive the same level of professional telephone support no matter where you happen to be - at your desk, having lunch with clients, at home or vacationing on the other side of the world.

Your Abby Connect greets and screens your callers according to your instructions. Then we dial the number you provide and announce your caller. If you want to take the call, we transfer it seamlessly to you as if we were right outside of your office door.

When You Need Find-Me Follow-Me Technology

Busy, Changing Schedule - Calls are important but so is every other aspect of your business. Conduct your meetings, make presentations and say "yes" to unexpected opportunities. With Find-Me Follow-Me, you can update your call handling instructions as your needs - and your location - changes throughout the day.

Dispatch Required - Service calls need special handling and often require multiple contact attempts to reach a technician. Rest assured that your Abby Connect will use Find-Me Follow-Me with your phone tree list of technicians so that your customers receive excellent response times.

"My Wife's Having a Baby" - Whatever your urgent call scenario happens to be, Find-Me Follow-Me allows you to list several contact numbers and multiple methods of contact for the specific callers you identify as absolutely, positively top priority.

If you would prefer that we take a message, Abby Connect provides multiple options for and how and where you receive your messages - voicemail box, voicemail to email, text - or a combination of notification methods that fits your communication style and your business needs.