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Virtual Office Assistant Services - Get A Professional, Virtual Administrative Assistant

When you operate via a virtual office phone system, it's critical that you create a tangible identity - a Reality - for your customers, clients, and prospects who contact you. With Abby Connect, your office may be virtual, but your professional presence will be a reality with a virtual administrative assistant included.

Create Confidence With A Virtual Secretary

Don't let the convenience of a virtual office service be a hindrance to your business success. Our courteous and professional virtual office assistants add the extra degree of professionalism that consumers demand for every business. Following your scripts, we make sure that your message is conveyed in the manner and tone that you desire . . . and in person.

Communicate Seamlessly With A Virtual Office Assistant

Take some calls, send others to voice mail, and even have your Abby Connect virtual office assistant give a personalized response to the caller of your choice. In your backyard, or in a corporate boardroom, your calls are transferred and handled seamlessly to both your caller and you.

Conduct More Business

When Abby Connect takes care of your calls, you have more time to spend growing your business. Our virtual administrative assistants handle appointment scheduling, respond to routine general inquires, screen calls, and collect customer and prospect data. Whatever your call needs are, Abby Connect is the best choice for a virtual office assistant.