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A Single Business Phone System Solution
For Companies With Multiple Locations

Abby Connect's virtual recpetionist service is the one-stop call management shop for companies with multiple locations. Whether your locations are full service establishments or whether each location represents a separate department of your company, Abby Connect's answering service is your single point of support solution for all of your call management needs.

Fewer Points of Contact

Abby Connect can be the hub for all of your company's call. Your customers and prospective customers will experience fewer points of contact than they do when each branch operates under an independent, local staff.

Better Brand Messaging Consistency

Each Abby Connect virtual receptionist will provide professional consistency to the callers to all of your offices across the country. You provide the script, we provide the voice.

Cost Savings

Reduce staff costs and increase efficiency by using Abby Connect as the centralized call center for all of your branches. No need for you to bring on additional staff as your number of locations increases.

Let us develop a call management plan to meet your needs, including:

Additional telephone numbers for location and marketing tracking

Full-time call answering during office hours

Back up offsite call support for call overflow

Accurate call screening and message relay

Customer service and help desk support

After-hours live call transfer

Extended hours and 24/7 live answering

What we strive to do is provide efficiency while holding on to the personal touch, which can easily make the difference between a happy client or a lost opportunity.

So the question is: Are you ready to have a more efficient business and gain a bit of additional work-life balance for yourself?