Virtual Receptionist for CPAs and Accountants





  • Never miss a call, especially during tax season
  • Flexible rate plans can be changed at any time
  • New client intake via your CRM or custom form
  • Bilingual receptionists fluent in English and Spanish
  • Appointment reminders
  • Promptly answer calls live within 2-3 rings
  • Live call announcement, call screening and transferring
  • Available for full-time use, part-time or overflow
  • Friendly virtual receptionists in one centralized office in Las Vegas, NV; Never from a call center overseas
  • Extended hours, weekend live answering, and 24/7 answering available
  • Immediate message delivery via email and/or text

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say:

  • Abby Connect has been a true gift to me since last tax season. The professionalism and courtesy they extend is well reported by my clients. They have also given me so much more time to complete my work without being interrupted by phone calls. I truly think they have been the best asset I have added to my business in years. The value is immeasurable. I recommend their services 100%.

    James H. Houle, CPA
    Accounting Services in Murrieta, CA

Your first 14 days of Abby Connect’s answering service is on us! When your free trial ends,

We’ll help you pick the most cost-effective virtual receptionist plan for your firm.

What’s the number one complaint from callers to an accountant’s office?

Not being able to speak with an informed member of the staff.

 The goal of the professional CPA is to establishing a high caliber, full clientele based on your stellar reputation. Your reputation, however, extends beyond your personal expertise into every facet of your client’s contact with your office. Abby Connect Answering Service for Accountants is your solution to maximizing your firm’s professionalism for minimal cost.

 Whether you have an independent practice, share an office with a partner or are part of a larger accounting firm, your client’s first impression will be from the receptionist responsible for answering your phones. Your clients deserve to be greeted and supported on the phone by receptionists who mirror your level of professionalism and competency. Abby Connect extends your ability to make a personal connection with your clients and prospective clients.

Let us create an effective

Call Management System

to meet the needs of your practice:

  • Effective call screening to meet your client assessment guideline according to your prescribed procedures
  • Convert more calls into clients with an immediate response to opportunities as they arise.
  • Obtain accurate personal and incident data on the first call, not the follow-up return call
  • Delegate routine inquiries and tasks such as directions to court, etc.
  • Save more of your time for legal advice and representation
  • The total call management solution for private practice
  • Efficient “fill the gap” back up staff to supplement your existing onsite staff
  • Professional call management available 7 days a week, day and night
  • An entire Virtual Receptionist Team for less than the cost of a part-time assistant!
  • Years of accountant telephone answering experience

Abby Connect – The Best Answering Service for CPAs

The accounting and tax preparation industry is a multi-billion dollar industry – millions of people use accounting services and there are a great number of large national firms, small to medium sized local firms, and a host of solo practices. It is reasonable to conclude that an effort to distinguish oneself from the very first contact with a client would be worth investigating further.

Abby Connect Answering Service for Accountants is a cost-smart solution to delivering superior client service from the very first call to your office. For less than the cost of hiring a full-time, 9-to-5 receptionist, Abby Connect can be your live receptionist solution.

There’s no need to try to save money on personnel expenses by answering your own phone, sacrificing billable hours. Instead, let Abby Connect handle your calls so you can spend more time handling the issues that require your accounting expertise. Some days will have a higher call volume than others … your staff will take vacation … and clients will call when the office is closed. Abby Connect is your complete phone coverage solution.