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Answering Services For Companies In Traditional Offices

Abby Connect helps larger enterprises with more sophisticated telephone needs provide a call center that is the best of both worlds to their callers. You may already use a telephone system that supports multiple lines and requires more complex hardware, and we're an answering service that is customizable to suit your needs.

When you include Abby Connect on the front end of your call management system, we provide a personal touch to a high tech environment. A friendly, professional Abby Connect virtual receptionist is your caller's first welcoming point of contact for your business.

Seamless to your callers ...

Rest assured that only our physical location is remote. When your Abby Connect greets and converses with your callers, we guarantee that each caller will feel complete comfort and satisfaction that they have reached an informed and helpful extension of your company staff. We then connect to your telephone system and announce the caller to the person or department requested. Even if you prefer to use an automated attendant, you callers will appreciate the ability to connect with a live person prior to being transferred.

Seamless to you!

Whether you use an extension system or employ a series of roll over lines, our skilled Abby Connect Tech Team has experience with all types of equipment and we have worked with virtually every telephone carrier. We will configure the Abby Connect solution that works perfectly with your existing system, hardware and your call management objectives. We handle all of the configuration details and implementation so that your contact with Abby Connect is the same as what your callers will enjoy - a stress-free and professionally satisfying experience.