Abby Connect Terms & Conditions

Abby Connect (“Abby”) hereby agrees to provide various Telecommunications Services to Client pursuant to the Terms and Conditions set forth herein and in the Service Agreement.

Free Trial

Your account will be live and your 14-day free trial will begin once we’ve had a chance to chat with you and complete the setup of your account. Initial Payment will be due on the Free Trial Period End Date unless written (email or fax) notice to cancel has been given prior to the Free Trial Period End Date. Your 14-day free trial is limited to 500 live receptionist minutes. If you reach the 500 live receptionist minutes within the 14 day period you will be given the option to continue as a paid client.

Pricing Plans

Plan A: $279 per month, 100 receptionist minutes, Overage rate: $2.79 per receptionist minute
Plan B: $499 per month, 200 receptionist minutes, Overage rate: $2.49 per receptionist minute
Plan C: $1089 per month, 500 receptionist minutes, Overage rate: $2.18 per receptionist minute

Please Note: There is a $95.00 Setup Fee, charged on your first billing cycle should you choose to continue with services after your trial.

Receptionist Minutes

Receptionist minutes are billed in 30-second increments and calls are rounded up to the nearest 30-second mark. As an example, if a call is ten seconds long, it will be billed as 30 seconds (or half of a receptionist minute).

For inbound calls, receptionist time is calculated starting from the time the call rings into our system, excluding any potential hold time, and ending when a receptionist transfers the call through to someone, or to voicemail, or otherwise disconnects because the call is over.

For outbound calls, receptionist minutes are calculated by counting the time the receptionist is on the outbound call.

Referral Terms

For any clients you refer who become an Abby Client after their free trial, you can receive $100 (as either a gift card or invoice credit) when they successfully submit their first payment. As the referral source, you must either be a current or past Abby client, trial user, or in our contact database.


This agreement shall be for a term of one (1) month and shall be automatically renewed for successive one (1) month terms thereafter (each a Renewal Term) until and unless either Party provides the other Party with one (1) month prior written notice to the end of the Initial Term or the Renewal Term; however if either party is in material default of this agreement, the other party may cancel this agreement immediately without further notice.

First 30 Days

During the first 30-Days of paid service, services are cancelable by either party at any time.


Regular service shall initiate the day following the Free Trial Period End Date. This date will then become your “Billing date”. Every month on the Billing date, the client’s credit, debit card, or checking account will be charged the Monthly Charges and any applicable Variable Charges.

In addition to the Monthly Charge, Variable Charges may be assessed pursuant to the Service Agreement. All payments must be received by Abby no later than 10 days after Due Date. Client shall, at all times, maintain a valid Credit Card(s) or Checking Account on file with Abby. The Client hereby authorizes Abby to debit Client’s Credit Card(s) or Checking Account to satisfy any and all amounts due to Abby.

In the event Abby does not receive full payment within 30 days of Due Date, Client will be considered to be in Material Default of this Agreement and Abby shall have the right to immediately terminate service without waiving the right to collect any and all amounts then due plus all Late Fees that may accrue thereafter.

Late Charges

Any payment(s) not received within 10 days of the Due Date, are subject to a Monthly Late Charge equal to 5% of the amount then due.

Returned Checks

A $100 processing fee will be charged for each check (and/or electronic check, “echeck”) submitted by Client that is returned by the financial institution for any reason, including insufficient funds and closed accounts. This returned check fee shall be due and payable by Credit Card without demand therefore and must be tendered together with the outstanding balance due and any late fees due. If a check (and/or electronic check, “echeck”) is returned, Abby Connect reserves the right to require that all future payments by Client be tendered by Credit Card.


Abby will use reasonable care to maintain the confidentiality of Client confidential information provided to Abby in the course of providing the Telecommunication Services. Abby will not disclose or use such confidential information, except as authorized by Client or otherwise compelled by law. Client’s confidential information shall not include any information in the public domain through no fault of Abby, or information received from a third party having the right to transfer such information.


Abby makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, of any kind to Client or third party regarding Abby Connect’s services. Abby shall use reasonable efforts to provide the agreed-upon services; however, in no event, shall Abby be liable to Client, or any third party, for any claims for loss or damages as a result of any action or inaction by Abby.


Any telephone number assigned to Client by Abby Connect shall remain the property of Abby Connect. These Terms and Conditions and the Abby Receptionist Service Agreement set forth the entire Agreement between the parties. This Agreement shall be binding upon all successors and assigns of the parties hereto.

Any telephone number ported to Abby Connect shall remain the property of the Client. Abby Connect will allow the Client to port away the telephone numbers, so long as the Client has an account in good standing and, for numbers assigned to the Client by Abby Connect, the Client has been assigned the number more than thirty (30) days prior to the port-away date.

Abby Connect’s services are intended for use in the United States and Canada. Please note that Abby Connect’s offices are closed and live receptionist service unavailable during the following U.S. Holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.  Also, the office and answering hours on the following days: Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are 5am – 12pm PST.


The laws and jurisdiction of the state of Nevada shall govern any and all matters of dispute between Abby Connect and Client.