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Why a Career Growth Plan is Important for Hiring

Do you know what the number one question I get asked when I am interviewing someone for a receptionist position? With excitement in their eyes, potential candidates always ask “What kind of growth opportunities do you provide?” Believe it or not, they don’t commonly ask me about the pay, the hours, or even the benefits…

Celebrate Boss’ Day – October 16th

Boss’ day, although not a federal holiday, is a day dedicated to all employers. It is an opportunity for employees to appreciate their bosses and celebrate them for all that they do. This holiday was created for the purpose of strengthening the relationships between employers and employees. According to an article entitled “Boss’s Day 2019,…

Working Moms in Business

Working with a great team like Abby Connect definitely has its perks. One thing, we definitely have a majority female team and the energy is positive, not negative and catty like some might expect.