An exemplary customer experience can completely define how someone feels about a brand. It can turn a one-off purchase into a lifetime of loyalty and transform an average consumer into a passionate advocate. Exceptional care means actually doing more than what your customers expect. At Abby Connect, we believe that great customer care isn’t just about having a well-trained team. It’s about empowering each individual to go above and beyond. We ingrain this mentality into all our receptionists and every single employee is empowered to do what’s necessary to wow the customer or client.

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Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say:

  • We went through half a dozen different services, going through Google and testing them before we found Abby Connect. There's a night and day difference between them and everyone else. Partnering with them has been very positive for our business. We use the 24/7 service the most and then live screening and patching of calls. They’ve also been very professional. Every call they handled goes really well. They have the information of the caller and they give us feedback on whether they think the caller is unsolicited or not. They also have friendly voices on the phone and they’ve been phenomenal.

    Travis Sitzlar, CEO
    Technical Solutions Agency
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    Abby Connect Reviews

  • Customer service nowadays is pretty hard to find. It seems like a thing of the past and that's what impresses me the most about Abby Connect - how focused they are on customer service. I hear nothing but positive and good feedback about Abby's amazing how they deal with customers. Abby Connect answers the phones very courteously and professionally. They find out who's calling and why, then they'll either direct the call to myself or the owner of the company and we take it from there. If we're not there, they automatically do a voicemail and send it to our email within minutes. There is no delay with them at all. Everything is immediate.

    Steve Booth, Manager
    Real Estate Company
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