How is Abby Connect Different From Other Virtual Receptionist Services?

Abby Connect Difference

Do you want to work with a team of 5-10 receptionists, working together out of our Nevada office, dedicated to your business and success – answering 24/7 in English and Spanish?

Do you want to work with a service that continually improves their technology, features, and services based on customer, receptionist, and account management feedback AND invests in elite training and genuine employee happiness – delivering delightful experiences and genuine connection on each and every call?  

Do you want to work with a family (not venture capital or big investor) owned former small business who understands your business needs better than anyone in the industry AND has the flexibility to prioritize your customer needs over shareholder demands? 

Then, Abby Connect is the A.I-Assisted Human Receptionist service for you! 

Rated as the #1 Legal Answering Service, #1 Answering Service, and #1 Virtual Receptionist Service, (according to Clutch and ConsumerAffairs customer reviews) Abby Connect Virtual Receptionists take pride in being a leader in the customer service industry.  

Abby is completely different from our competitors. From our solutions to our values, Abby sets the bar high. But we don’t just want you to take our word for it, we want you to experience the Abby difference! 

A virtual receptionist at her desk being trained by her boss

The Abby Proven Process

Every Abby client (and their callers) gets a VIP experience! When you hire Abby Connect, you’re hiring a team of 5-10 receptionists dedicated to your business. We use a proven process to provide our clients with consistent, excellent experiences. 

  1. Dedicated Calibration Specialist to first set you up for success from the start. We know you and your business, and we’re dedicated to your success.  
  2. Solutions Engineer to help you set up your integrations and connect to our systems so you never miss a call!
  3. 30-Day Calibration Period to test our service, set up your custom call-handling instructions, and experience Abby in action
  4. Dedicated CSM & Abby Intelligence to provide a single point of contact for all your call-handling needs and ongoing optimization with tech solutions and custom recommendations.
Non-Stop Customer Care Abby Connect

Family Not Finance Owned 

There’s been a lot of investment in receptionist solutions over the past decade. Unfortunately, for most companies, instead of investing in improving their service, they’re focused on the investors’ bottom line, not the customer.

Abby Connect was built by the Strum family, who still own and run the company to this day.  This not only gives us the flexibility to respond to our customers’ needs and requests, but allows us to put our customers first, not investors.   

When the Strums started Abby Connect almost 18 years ago it was a small business. We’ve grown, but we know, and we remember. We remember the concerns, the stress, the multiple hats, and never having enough time. This is why, more than any other service, we prioritize our small business customers. Because we understand. We’ve chosen not to be beholden to outside investors because we want to be accountable to you, our small business customer.

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Culture + Customer Care 

We’re sure you’ve heard it before. We know it’s marketing jargon, but at Abby Connect we really are a family… no, really. 

The Strum family almost all still work within the company to this day. This plus our commitment to our core values, exclusive hiring for the right people/right seats, and our investment in our people fosters a tight-knit family environment.  

At Abby we do more than provide great receptionist training, which we absolutely do, but we also provide additional personal and professional training – from leadership development courses to one-on-one Mastermind meetings to further develop their skills.  

Confident receptionists in turn deliver a genuine and exceptional call experience that simply cannot be matched. And that’s the point. Investing in developing fulfilled receptionists in a fun and supportive environment is one way we invest in your service. Your callers and your interactions with Abby Connect are exceptional because we invest in our people and our culture.