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Corporate Snobs: Small Business Live Answering Case Study

All businesses whether big or small, home-based or corporate will need promotional products. Items with a company's logo or tagline can be used as gifts to employees and clients and of course it's an all-time advertising favorite. Corporate Snobs provide promotional products to both businesses and consumers alike. Promotional products help drive traffic and generate customers. It's said in the branding business that people have to see something at least seven times before they take action. When branding items with a logo or slogan, consumers will begin to not only recognize your company but will take action and buy.

Time Management and FAQ's

Corporate Snobs contacted Abby Connect to handle the overflow of calls from their clients. As the company grew, their ability to answer each call was becoming unmanageable and taking the chance in losing prospective clients was not an option. Abby Connect implemented an upscale team of receptionists along with their team leader, who is in charge of managing the team and ensuring executive level service, takes on the excess of calls and answers the callers' questions. By being trained on the company profile, the receptionists are able to answer frequently asked questions freeing up time for Corporate Snobs employees.

Call Transferring

Before reaching out to Abby Connect, Corporate Snobs did not have a way to transfer calls other than through an automated system. They wanted their clients to reach a live receptionist and be transferred to the appropriate person. This was a great model as their clients would always reach a real person to speak with. The Abby Connect receptionist would call the staff member, announce who the caller is and what it's regarding, then transfer the call over. This gave Corporate Snobs employees the chance to be anywhere other than the office to conduct business as Abby Connect also calls alternative phone numbers to try to reach them.

Abby Connect has built a close relationship and stays in constant communication with Corporate Snobs as the team consists of 5 executive level receptionists and not a room full of impersonal operators at a call center. Abby Connect understands the needs of a rising company and becomes the extended personnel needed to continue thriving.