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Little Wonders Case Study

Expecting a new bundle of joy? Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what the gender of your baby will be? Or, better yet how fascinating would it be to see your unborn baby moving in 3D and 4D and have the opportunity to have your baby's heart beat recorded? Having a baby is an exciting time and having the opportunity to see inside the womb is an amazing experience for the entire family.

Little Wonders, alongside today's technology, allows ultrasound technicians the ability to determine the sex of a baby and show parents-to-be what their baby looks like in both 3D and 4D imaging.

Pricing, Packages and FAQ's

Little Wonders offers a wide range of packages to expectant parents from basic 2D imaging for gender determination to 3D and 4D imaging that comes with pictures on CD's and of course a live DVD video of the ultrasound session. Before getting in touch with Abby Connect, Little Wonders was inundated with a high volume of calls from eager moms who wanted more information on their services.

The intelligent, top-of-the-line Abby Connect staff is highly educated on pricing, package information, frequently asked questions and directions on how to get to the facility giving hopeful moms the details needed to schedule an appointment. This allocates more time for the staff at Little Wonders to focus on the anticipating parents' sessions.

Online Appointment Scheduling & Extended Hours

After being trained on the online appointment scheduling, Abby Connect is able to offer expecting moms and dads a date and time that works best for them to come in for an ultrasound. With the assistance of the resourceful and reliant receptionists, Little Wonders is able to increase their client base as appointment scheduling is also a major role for Abby Connect.

With the many impressive features and services that Abby Connect offers, Little Wonders also needed an answering service that provided extended hours coverage beyond the 9-5 norm. Abby Connect answers their phones Monday - Friday 5:30a - 10p PST and Saturday - Sunday 8:30a - 5p PST, giving Little Wonders the coverage they need to ensure all their clients are well taken care of.