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Tredd's Software Case Study

At some point in everyone's lives there has been a need to store personal items or excess inventory. The self storage business is an industry which storage space is rented out to tenants through rooms, lockers, containers, and indoor or outdoor space where tenants can store and access their goods.

Tredd's Software Solutions offers an easy, user friendly software for businesses who run self storage facilities. Tredd's highly knowledgeable staff goes above the standard model by drawing out graphics, setting up billing cycle settings, and enters in business information for their clients so the software is ready to use the moment it's installed on their workstations.

Help in Customer Support

Before Tredd's Software connected with the staff at Abby Connect, it was difficult for them to handle the flood of calls for support from their clients. They needed a better, more proficient way to manage the high volume of support calls, so they came up with a system for more accurate results. The smart and effective way to take care of their clients with Abby Connect is for the ready and able receptionists to take detailed information from each client who called in. While Abby Connect is not a call center with a room filled with uncongenial operators, Abby Connect instead provides a small, exclusive staff of compliantly trained receptionists that knows Tredd's business model well.

The predominant and elite team at Abby Connect is instructed on obtaining each of Tredd's clients names, business names, account numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses associated with their account as well as detailed information on the issue they are having. It is then emailed to Tredd's employees. This way when the Tredd's technician contacts the customer for support they have every bit of information they need to assist their client in the order it is received.

Notification on Every Call and Call Log Reports

Another sure way to provide excellent customer service to Tredd's clients was for Abby Connect to email Tredd's on every single call that came in. Every call is well documented with a caller id phone number along with the date and time for each call that comes in. Also, a weekly call report is generated and sent out to Tredd's Software, which gives them the opportunity to both reconcile and reach out to those clients that may not have received a call back from them. The devoted and diligent staff at Abby Connect works hard to ensure satisfaction for both Tredd's Software and their clients.