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Establish a National Presence instantly with a Abby Connect toll-free number

Make reaching you as easy as possible. Even with the growing use of mobile and smart phones - many with unlimited calling options - studies show time and time again that most customers appreciate being offered a toll-free number as a business contact number. In fact, by a margin of 9 to 1, customers will choose to use a toll-free number over making a long distance call. Most major companies provide a toll-free number for just for that purpose.

Increase your call volume from prospective customers with a toll-free number for your business.

Handle that increase in call volume with professional telephone answering by Abby Connect. Using your company script, your toll-free number may have the same or a different identity from your local phone lines - you decide.

With Abby Connect, you don't just get a toll-free number, you get:

  • Expert call management support
  • Live call answering for immediate customer response time
  • Accurate call screening and relay
  • A professional remote extension of your onsite staff
  • After hours live answer support
  • Late night availability to connect with your customers